Erica Hanks is a wardrobe stylist, event stylist, commercial + editorial stylist based in Charlotte, NC.



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In the Bag Part 2

Okay y’all, it’s time to snoop around in BB's bag. This week is our Assistant Stylist’s Bekah, who helps on editorial and commericial shoots, as well as assist Erica with personal clients, and manages our non-blog. Read below to find out a few of her daily must-haves:... Read More


Fall Crush: Acne

Carrying over the ocean/sea trend of summer in a more mysterious way for fall is designer Johansson and the Acne Brand. Inspired by the movement... Read More


A Beauty Must: Facial Oils

In a world where the organic, holistic approach to life (in food, workouts, etc.) is becoming more dominant, it only seems right that make-up and beauty regimes begin to adapt to that trend.... Read More


In the Bag Part 1

Admit it. Every now and then you're a little nosy. We thought we’d share what’s in our bags here at the studio to let you in on some of our daily must haves.... Read More


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