What’s In My Beauty Bag

We’ve all seen “What’s in my Bag” posts, but this is a “What’s in My Beauty Bag: Busy Workin Mama Edition.” It’s a mouthful, but it’s also very simple. I’ve never been a heavy make-up girl, but I also know I feel better when I feel a little polished when I’m running from meetings or having a chill day at home with the baby. Taking care of myself in that way has become more important the busier I get, but I still don’t have an extra hour to commit to hair and makeup everyday. If you’re in the same boat and need some recs of how to streamline your routine, here are my favorite products and beauty shortcuts right now.

*A big thanks to our local friends Woo Cosmetics for a couple of great recommendations in here!


Hair serum: a drop of this gives you instant Day Two hair, plus it smells divine


Lip primer: When you’re on the go, it’s nice to trust that your lipstick is staying in place. This gives me a smoother color and hangs on.

Mascara: quality counts here

Dry Shampoo: beacuse, duh.

Cream blush: this goes on so naturally and looks like an actual rosy cheek

Tinted moisturizer: nice and light for summer, plus it acts as concealer on low key days


Lipstick: super fresh shade for summer

Polish: a go-to that is pretty but understated

Perfume: love this for the same reasons as the polish!

Corrector: we did a quick post about this earlier, but it bears repeating that this goes on beautifully and covers ANYthing

Blotting paper: because shiny foreheads do not go well with anything

Samudra pouch: my favorite pouch, picked out by the incomparable Erica Hanks