Mom Style

School’s back and so is the school meetings, playdates, carpool lines and parent volunteering. My team is made up of mothers, so fellow moms, we get it.


We’ve got a new mom, a mom of a crawler, and myself a mom of three, which includes a teen. We are off to the playdates, the playground, the baby gym, school functions, and shuttling kids to games, field trips and even the mall with the teens. While work out wear is easy and a no brainer, having your hair and makeup done with gym clothes isn’t the best look. Put just a tiny more thought into your casual style, whatever your body shape and price point.


The trick to casual mom style depends on your kids’ ages; if your kids are young, stick with washable fabrics, and medium to dark colors that can conceal spills. flats are a must when you’ve got babies on your hips. For your older kids, same rules apply but you can get away with more fabrics and elevated pieces.


Cross body bags are your life savers when it comes to holding little hands, and a good sized purse always comes in handy to hold everything from iPads to dinosaurs and dolls. Here’s a few of our faves to keep you looking put together and polished all day long.