Fashion week recap SS17

Fashion Week Recap SS17

Now that every single fashion week across the globe is over (for now at least), let’s recap some of the trends to look for when spring starts to arrive in stores for SS17.

1. Stripes: I think stripes are a given at this point. You cannot have spring without a good stripe, whether it’s a nautical look or an edgy feel. Stripes are here to stay.

2. Yellow: butter, marigold, mustard, sunflower; you name it, every shade of yellow will be springing up for the season (get it?). The key here is to find the right yellow for your skin tone. The lighter your skin, the more saturated the yellow needs to be to keep you from washing out.

3. One shoulder: I’m happy to see this trend stay and continue. If there’s any look anyone can wear, it’s a cold shoulder! You’ll see this come back next year, so hold on to the off the shoulder lovelies you have and wear them in a new way for spring.

4. Ruffles: they were everywhere! on everything! The feminine trend will be a good balance to the menswear trend that will also sill go strong.

5: Layering: Dresses over pants will be more prominent. Skinny jeans, flares, cropped and wide leg will all get layered with dresses, tunics and oversized tops. The trick to this trend is proportion to keep it from wearing YOU. keep the dress from the knee up and with layering, you’ll want to show your shape to make you look your best, whether it’s by belting it, doing a fit and flare dress, or choosing the perfect pant.