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Favorite Sweaters for Fall

I am a sucker for big, cozy knits, so let’s talk about favorite sweaters for the fall season. I’m a Florida girl, and I’m the one friend that’s freezing in 70 degree weather. If a blanket was an acceptable fashion statement, I’d be wrapping myself in one almost daily during the autumn season. So I get pretty passionate about finding sweaters that are soft, enveloping, and just feel like a great, big hug. Sweatshirts are great, but when you need to be a bit more put together, it’s best to have some really lovely sweaters on hand that you can mix and match with your pants and skirts, as well as to layer over dresses and skirts.

Sweater tip: get a sweater helper like The Laundress Stone for when your sweaters start to show heavy use and lots of wear, it will keep your sweater looking new.

Below are my favorites that I would wear every day of the week: