What’s Trending for 2017 NYFW Fall Fashion

New York is the first stop on the fashion week stops that happen during September. Is it the most iconic out of them all? No, but it is the first horse out of the gate. And, it sets the tone for those to come after. Politics played a big part on the runway this year, with graphic tee power words to suit looks.

Does that really translate to what consumers will buy? Not really, but it did make a statement of women’s empowerment.

Let’s look at a few of the most notable, wearable trends that’s forecasted for Fall:

  • Oversized all over: Can anyone wear this trend? Yes. SHOULD everyone wear this trend? NO. Big all over is reserved for super tall, lanky ladies. But, us girls with some junk in the trunk can do a piece from this trend and then balance it out with a figure flattering silhouette somewhere in the mix.
  • Velvet: It’s a trend we saw last fall and will see even this spring in light velvet fabrics, and it’s proven longevity for the fall to come. Keep all your velvet pieces and come fall, let’s think of different ways to wear your closet wonders.
  • Jewel-tones: This has been around for quite a few seasons. And, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Super saturated outfits are complimentary to any skin tone. Tonal or contrasting jewel tones are how to pair this trend.
  • Fur that looks like your grandma’s: Goodbye to fur vests and little wraps! The bigger and longer your fur coat, the better. Channel your Zsa Zsa Gabor and start looking for good vintage finds in this trend, because the more it looks like you got it from an estate sale, the better.
  • Red: Red, merlot, oxblood, etc. All were seen down the runway, even head-to-toe red was down the runway. To keep it from looking like a costume, try this trend using tonal pieces. Meaning, use a shade or two off with each piece. This not only adds dimension, but keeps your high-saturated look from falling flat. A red top, a burgundy bag and even a rose pink bottom is a great example.