Designer to Know (And Sleep With): Yolke

A few months ago, I heard about Yolke sleepwear while trolling the inter webs for client items, and have kept them on my radar ever since. The designer hasn’t been around long (founded in 2013). But, they have been gaining momentum quickly with their bright hues and fantastic fabrics.
I have always been envious of my friends who can sleep in cute sets and actually sleep. I don’t know if it’s me, but the sets I tried felt restrictive. So, when I saw Yolke, I decided to test-drive a pair for myself and see if these would do the trick. Really, the lovely patterns suckered me in. The prints are just gorgeous. When I got the pajamas and tried them on, I loved that these were silk pajamas with a good amount of stretch – such a plus!
The sleepwear itself has many prints and silhouettes. But, I’m a total pants girl when I sleep. Another plus is the cropped length offered on the pants. The cropped pant is great because I am not that tall and, you know, occasionally I have to chase a dog or one of our cats through the yard or down the street, and my pant hems stay clean.
Another great thing about these pajamas, the prints are so artistically beautiful (they even make sequin PJ’s, heyyyy) that you can totally try them as a day look. Wear them together to be fashion forward. Or, separate and pair with what’s in your closet. But I plan on wearing my sets out and about, so fair warning!
While these pajamas are a tad pricey ($200 +), they do hold up well if you take care of them. They also make a brilliant gift for Mother’s Day, holiday, birthdays, etc. I imagine it would be such a treat to be gifted these lovelies.

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