Spring Stripes That Feel Fresh

Trust me, I hear ya. Stripes are not groundbreaking. It’s like pollen: they come around every spring. They are an easy pattern play, and it makes you feel all nautical inside (feels). The challenge, for me, is to find new or unique patterns for clients that stand out from the basic.

Here are a few things to remember when wearing this pattern:

  • Large stripe patterns all over are best for smaller sizes. Those of us with larger chests or backsides, not so much. Doesn’t work.
  • Small ones work best for, let’s be honest, everyone. Rock those small stripes, girl.
  • Vertical stripes work on, virtually, everyone. And, they look especially edgy on the side of a pant. Try it. You won’t regret it.

Feeling like they aren’t for you? Well, if you are weirded out by them, try it as an accessory. A bag or clutch with it may just win you over.

And, since it is #NationalStripesDay – a holiday invented by JCrew – I added a super fun striped clutch from JCrew.

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