Skirts to the Floor that we Adore

Long skirts. They can make you look so long and lean, feel super feminine and chic at the same time. But if done the wrong way it can look sloppy or mis-proportioned. Let’s take a look at how to make long skirts look balanced and beautiful.

If you’re skinny and lean:

We hate you. No we kid, we kid. You can wear this look any way you’d like. Tucked in, a cropped top, a bodysuit or a top bloused would all look amaze.

If you are pear shaped: 

Proportions. Accentuate your waist and pair a long skirt with a fitted top, a button down tied at the waist, or a shorter sweater that hits the top of the skirt. With a full skirt you need to balance out the volume.

If you hold your weight in your middle: 

Again, balance. You need to fake a waist in order to keep proportions. have a looser fit up top. Try a boxy top or a loose tee with a corner tuck for coverage, but it gives a slight shape of a waist without being too tight.

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