Sutton's Birthday Style

Sutton’s Birthday Style

I always remember events, not only by the people I’m surrounded by or the special occasion being celebrated, but specifically by what I was wearing. When I got engaged, my aunt and uncle threw my husband (fiancĂ© at the time) and me the most amazing party. I knew before we even started planning what I was wearing. We couldn’t decide on the “theme.” So, we went off the one thing I knew was right, my dress. This is what inspired me to plan Sutton’s birthday party. I have waited my whole life to plan a first birthday party. And, to dress up my little girl.

Although I love the smocked, sweet southern look – in doses – Sutton’s personality is a bit more spunky. And, so is her wardrobe. I loved the Stella McCartney dress from Tiny. It was just the right pick. I had actually bought it several months ahead of time and was saving it for something special. I just didn’t know what at the time.When I started thinking about her birthday, the first thing that went through my mind was what she was going to wear. And, I immediately remembered the dress.

I loved the bright colors and fun shapes of the dress. And, I knew it would make for a simple and fun birthday party. Perfect for a one-year-old. Once I knew what she was wearing, the rest of the planning was easy.

I knew what colors I was using and I wanted to do something extra special. So, I used Suarez Bakery to make the smash cake and a cake for the adults. The cake had the print of the dress on it. They did a phenomenal job.

I, of course, had to dress by theme and I found a cute off-the-shoulder stripe dress from ASOS. As for the decor, I hung pictures from Sutton’s first twelve months from a yellow triangle pendant banner. Then, I had a primary colored striped “Happy Birthday” sign outside on the porch. I also found yellow red and white striped snow cone cups that I used to hold popcorn for the guests. I couldn’t steer too far away from pink. So, I had 12 huge pink balloons tied outside on the banister.

It was, overall, a very fun and sweet celebration. I will always remember it not only because it was her first birthday, but also by the fun I had planning it all around that special little dress.

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