Celebrate America In Style

With July 4th next week, we will be saying Happy Birthday America right here in Charlotte this year with family and friends. Nerdy confession: I actually love this holiday! The fireworks, the outdoor cooking, and the red, white and blue theme all make me excited for summer and proud to be an American. I’ll be working a little bit on the 4th, so I’ve put together my outfit for my meetings and client pulls.

As you probably know by now, I love mixing up my looks to be unexpected, versatile, and hi-low fashion. I’ve mixed in an old shirt from last year, my old JCrew blazer, my Fendi heels I picked up in London and added a pair of joggers I just found at Target. Whether you are more of a quiet conservative and just want to add one thing or want to be head to toe in the stars and stripes, check out my favorites to give yourself a festive feel next week, whether at work or hanging in the backyard with good friends: